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Ten Completely Awesome Things About Being Single

Reposted in honor of being single for one whole, entire week.

When You Stop Digging

These are the things I have discovered that I like about being single.

  1. You plan your own vacations with an absolute lack of concern for anything but your own whims. You don’t have to worry that maybe Angkor Wat will be too hot and boring for somebody else. No one gets any veto power over your plan to feed the monkeys there, although everyone says not to feed the monkeys because they are so aggressive.

    2014-08-06 09.18.55 I didn’t know cute and scary could ride tandem like this until I met these monkeys in Cambodia. I would like to bring one back to New York to be my personal bodyguard and to menace people who are annoying me by taking up two seats on the subway. If they bit a guy, I could be all, “Whose monkey is that?”

  2. You can eat dinner whenever you want, and if what you want for…

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